Cornwall LivingIssue #71

Give new life to old treasures

Breathe new life into old jewellery with the help from the team at The Jewellery Workshop Porthleven.

It’s often the case, that when we receive a treasured piece of jewellery that’s been passed down through the family, it tends to be old-fashioned and, though loved, not worn. Stuck in a drawer these heirlooms don’t get the recognition they deserve. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

“…giving your dated jewellery a new lease of life.”

The Jewellery Workshop Porthleven is run by husband and wife team Paul and Clair Pennington, and the talented in-house jeweller, Rachel Lambert. Located in the heart of the charming harbour village of Porthleven, The Jewellery Workshop can transform your old jewellery into something modern and wearable that reflects your personality. Paul says: “a majority of our business consists of remodelling customers’ jewellery into something contemporary.” He then goes on to explain that: “It’s possible to melt down gold or silver and, if stones are involved, re-set them in a more fashionable and practical way,” giving your dated jewellery a new lease of life.

Established six years ago, and known for the unique jewellery that the team creates, The Jewellery Workshop fashions handcrafted, bespoke pieces that can be tailored to your specifications. The Workshop also sells its own line of jewellery, made by both Clair and Paul, alongside a large range of styles sourced from other trusted jewellers. The Cornish coastline is reflected in many of the Jewellery Workshop’s textured designs, and the shelves are adorned with other pieces that reflect Cornwall’s charm and traditions. From delicate shell earrings, to rustic silver necklaces that look like they’ve been rescued from the sea itself, the heart of Cornwall really is captured in the collection.

With their experience and craftsmanship, it’s easy to trust your jewellery in the capable hands of Paul, Clair and Rachel. Let them capture the essence of your own dated jewellery in a signature piece that reflects you. Remodelling gives you the opportunity to embrace your loved, but un-worn pieces of jewellery again. You can capture the heart of the piece and continue to admire the original elements in a new and bespoke way. It’s the perfect way to breathe new life into old treasures so you can continue to appreciate the beauty of the past, in the present.


The Jewellery Workshop also offers workshops, giving you the opportunity to handcraft your own piece of jewellery. Either take part in the seven-week beginners course, make your own wedding rings, or simply join the one-day classes. A  great way to make special occasions even more memorable!

" your dated jewellery a new lease of life."