Cornwall LivingIssue #122

Going green

HBH Woolacotts look ahead as they find ways to go green and help ensure that the future is bright.


As a family-run Cornish business, HBH Woolacotts take social responsibility seriously and are committed to minimising and reducing their impact on the environment.
As such, the team have been busy steering the company in a greener direction, and we’ve taken a look at the admirable steps they’ve taken to reach their eco goals.


In-house recycling 

HBH Woolacotts have their own recycling plant which, following investments over the last 10 years, currently includes three bailers and compacting machines. The machines mean that all cardboard, polystyrene and soft plastic can be processed to create high-quality bails which are then sent to recycling plants for further processing to ultimately
be re-used. 


Eco-friendly infrastructure 

Over the last 10 years HBH Woolacotts have invested in their shops and buildings to make them more sustainable, incorporating things like large solar panel installations in Plymouth and Bude with plans for more in the very near future. Other recent investments include a brand-new paperless delivery system in 2021 which saves paper, fuel and time as well as giving customers a much more efficient service. 


Product recycling and disposal 

HBH Woolacotts work with Collectrical, a Plymouth based Community Interest Company, to manage Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Collectrical have a zero-landfill policy and specialise in refurbishing and recycling old and unwanted electrical products. While a lot of old products are beyond repair and are stripped down for parts and scrap, many can be refurbished and are then donated to vulnerable people and families within the
local community.


 Energy efficient products 

HBH Woolacotts are also committed to helping customers find the best and most efficient products. Not only do they stock the latest eco-friendly appliances from the industry’s leading brands but the staff are also continuously trained to help and understand the latest technologies and how they can improve running costs and make real savings. 

When it comes to making the right choice for the environment, and finding new ways forward that don’t cost the earth (literally), HBH Woolacotts have got it covered. To find out more, and for all your electrical appliance needs, make sure to get in touch with the friendly team to ‘Go Green’ with HBH Woolacotts.