Cornwall LivingIssue #137

Going green

GreenGenUK’s Neil Rollinson takes us through a fantastic way in which we might change our heating systems for good.

With the future in mind, not to mention energy price uncertainty, more people than ever are switching to air-source heating. With a £5,000 grant under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme readily available, and the cost of fuel like oil and gas fluctuating, we spoke with Neil Rollinson of GreenGenUK to find out exactly what we can do about it.

“Air-source heating is the ideal renewable upgrade for anyone looking to replace their existing fossil fuel boiler,” says Neil. “Disruption is minimal and with the £5,000 Boiler Upgrade Scheme available, the upfront costs of installing a heat pump are now similar to that of oil or gas systems.”

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme provides upfront funding to homeowners looking to install renewable heating, with a £5,000 lump sum towards the cost of installation. “Here at GreenGenUK, we deal with the application and then the grant money is deducted from what the customer pays,” Neil explains. “With homes needing to meet just a small number of eligibility criteria, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is open to everyone.”

Air-source heat pumps supply all of a property’s heating and hot water, completely replacing the original system. When running with radiators, modern heat pumps installed by GreenGenUK achieve in excess of 400% efficiency. Not only does this make them affordable to run, but also creates a carbon saving of several tonnes a year. What’s more, a constant, ambient temperature will permeate your property, avoiding highs and lows, an alternative that is cost effective, better for the building’s fabric and creates a more comfortable living environment. It seems like a no-brainer!

We ask Neil, who’s worked with GreenGenUK for almost a decade, to tell us a little bit more about the process: “The key to all heat pump installations is design. We start with a heat loss calculation that forms the basis of our proposal. A well-sized, well-installed heat pump is key. We offer free advice, free surveys and free proposals to anybody considering making the switch. We aim to keep our customers fully informed and to make the upgrade to renewable heating as stress free as possible”.

Cornwall-based GreenGenUK is among the South West’s leading sustainable energy experts. With free advice and proposals, why not contact their team of experts today to discuss the options for upgrading your home with renewable heating? Quote ‘Cornwall Living’ when enquiring to claim your 5% discount!


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