Cornwall LivingIssue #90

Going green

Lilly Lewarne continue to prove their pedigree in the field of environmentally aware architecture.

In recent issues we’ve learned how Lilly Lewarne Architects have forged a reputation for stunning, creative and honest designs with the greatest consideration for the environment. Bringing in-depth local knowledge to each project they undertake and reflecting them in the build is what this company does, all thanks to the team’s conscientious approach to architecture.

One project that stands testament to Lilly Lewarne’s approach is Fairglen, a superb development by Percy Williams in Hayle that achieves both Passivhaus accreditation and an ‘A’ energy rating in all its properties. What’s ‘Passivhaus’ accreditation, you ask. According to the website, the Passivhaus Trust is an independent, non-profit organisation that provides leadership in the UK for the adoption of the Passivhaus standard and methodology – the leading international low-energy design standard. It represents a highly effective means of providing high standards of residential comfort and health, while at the same time reducing energy use and carbon emissions from UK buildings, something we can surely all get on board with!

Fairglen was a pioneering project designed with Percy Williams & Sons to test the viability of low-energy houses for open market sale. Lilly Lewarne designed 11 dwellings, which were completed in 2008, all meeting the then Ecohomes Level 5 certification, ensuring a holistic approach
to sustainable living.

Many of the energy saving technologies used during this first phase, at the time, were at the peak of innovation, including ground source heat pubs, photovoltaic solar panels and underfloor heating.

But their work didn’t stop there, as in 2016 building commenced on Phase 2. For this stage, the experts at Lilly Lewarne designed 20 new Passivhaus eco homes, also working closely with Ben Quinn at Cube Vision Studio to develop accurate computer generated depictions of the homes before they were built. Upon completion, each terraced or semi-detached unit in this phase was constructed to meet full Passivhaus standards. Considering that worldwide there are only around 65,000 homes that boast this same accolade, this is no mean feat! It’s also proof that the architects at Lilly Lewarne have well and truly earned their reputation – working on both domestic and commercial projects alike to realise visions that are as unique as their clients themselves.


Did you know?

The Cornwall Building Group commended Lilly Lewarne for their aesthetically pleasing design which “encourages community and permits individual privacy”,  praising their response, in partnership with Percy Williams and Son, for finding a solution to the challenge of “mass housing that is environmentally positive, commercially viable and attractive to inhabit.”



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