Cornwall LivingIssue #123

Going live

Unveiling the brand-new Westcountry Blinds website.

Westcountry Blinds is delighted to have now ‘gone live’ on its brand-new website, opening up a world of new options for customers and clients and providing those outside of Cornwall the chance to benefit from the expertise of the company’s tried, tested and highly appraised in-house manufacturers.

If you’ve worked with Westcountry Blinds before, fear not – David Tague and the team continue to strive to provide in-county customers with the very best supply and fit service; they’ve been doing it for more than 25 years and they certainly don’t intend to stop now! However, David explains: “What we haven’t been able to offer (until now) is a blinds ‘to go’ service. Ideal for those who are either out of county, or who already have a fitter lined up, we have named this new arm of the business Westcountry Blinds ‘To Go’ and now, via our online shop, home improvers can enjoy our in-house manufacturing expertise and three-year guarantee, without the need to be in Cornwall, and to either choose their own fitter or install the blinds themselves.”

So, what’s available in the new online shop? It could be that you’re in search of a solution for bi-folding doors, or tilt-and-turn windows. If so, Duette Blind Tru Fit could be just the solution, providing a drill-free option available in both Duette and Single Pleated fabrics, attached by two rails that adhere directly to the glazing and allowing you to operate from both the bottom up and top down. Or perhaps you have children or pets, and therefore need to avoid long, dangling cords to ensure the safety of curious kids (furry or not). If so, Duette Blind Smart Cord is the perfect solution, using a retractable cord mechanism that maintains a constant cord length, meaning there are never any long, dangling cords to get tangled up in and providing the added benefit of never detracting from the appearance of the shade. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a solution to make your blinds disappear and therefore not intrude on your new home’s aesthetic? If so, look no further than Blind Space – designed to disappear with incomparable attention to detail, concealing blinds in any type of window, gable or skylight. The hidden space inside the wall or ceiling can be prepared for manual or electric blinds and accessed for blind installation, even after construction work is completed.

In terms of the blinds themselves, roller blinds are a classic choice for window dressings, being perhaps the most well-known type of blind. Westcountry Blinds To Go have a beautiful range of roller blinds to choose from, many of which are compatible with Tru Fit, Smart Cord and Blind Space. 

Whichever blind and fabric you choose, the online shop even provides the option to have a free sample delivered, allowing you to test against the colour scheme of your home and ensure you’re 100% happy with your choice before you commit to purchasing the entire blind.

Of course, as anybody who has embarked upon a home improvement project will agree, the world of blinds and window dressings presents an impressive range of options for different styles, budgets and problems. However, this can make knowing which solution and style is right for you a real head-scratcher! If this sounds familiar, the new website dives into the various types of window dressings, from Venetian, to Roller, to Roman, exploring their various benefits and applications. Once you’ve settled on what you need, click through to the Measuring Guides and Media Centre, where DIY fitters can find helpful measuring guides for blinds and curtains, along with Case Studies showcasing the solutions that David and the team have been able to help customers with across Cornwall. There is also a dedicated Video page, providing helpful demos and instructional films, as well as a Download page that’s ideal for those in search of brochures, instructional PDFs and wiring diagrams for motorised blinds.

Finally, for those who like to keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not, Westcountry Blinds will be updating the website’s all-new News and Blog page with industry insights, trends and top tips for anybody in need of a window dressing overhaul.

In short, whether you want to see how David and the team can help you with your project in Cornwall, or require a supply only service from a company that has, for over two decades, maintained a stellar reputation for exemplary made-to-measure blinds and curtains, wherever you are in the UK, be sure to head online and pay the new Westcountry Blinds website a visit.


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