Cornwall LivingIssue #125

Gorgeous gardens

Strike the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and easy maintenance, with a beautiful new ColourFence.

With the varied and often wild weather we’ve experienced over the last couple of years, many of us have been left with little opportunity to properly maintain our gardens. This means that there are lawns to mow, patios to clean and fences to paint! For those of us who enjoy spending time outdoors, whatever the season, I think we can all agree that there’s a small part of us that wishes garden maintenance would just magically happen. However, sadly, there is no such thing as a garden fairy!

What there is, however, is a low-maintenance alternative to replace your fencing. If your panels have borne a little too much of the brunt of the windy winters over the last couple of years, then why not consider ColourFence? Combining practicality and beautiful aesthetics, it’s the ultimate option for anybody in doubt as to whether their fences are ‘up to task’ for the autumn and winter months ahead. By installing a ColourFence, you simply don’t need to worry about your fence blowing down. What’s more, if you prefer to simply sit back and enjoy your garden space rather than have to constantly maintain it, a metal fence from ColourFence is a superb, low-maintenance solution. It’s incredibly popular due to the fact that it’s highly durable, not to mention that it comes with a 25-year materials guarantee. Available in four colours, and with plain or more decorative options available, including a trellis topper to complete the look, if you’re after a replacement fence that you don’t need to maintain or paint every year, then ColourFence is certainly for you. In fact, other than hosing it down a couple of times a year, there’s zero work required from you to keep your fence in tip-top condition. It’s also guaranteed to withstand gusts of up
to 130mph!

Anybody fortunate enough to have had access to their own garden over the last couple of years, will have almost certainly made the most the space, especially at times when pandemic restrictions prevented us from spending time outdoors elsewhere. This has led to a significant increase in how we value these spaces, and also a change in how we use them, with many incorporating outdoor kitchens, dining areas, and even garden bars. Now, with restrictions lifted, we can enjoy all of these with friends and family. To ensure we can make the most of the opportunities the summer weather affords us, before the autumn and winter storms begin to set in, it makes sense to update our gardens with a product that’s there to last!

Another reason we have come to value our outdoor spaces more, is the way in which they allow us to reconnect with nature. From wildflower patches that attract our favourite pollinators, to hedgehogs, badgers and even foxes, there’s something truly rewarding about welcoming nature into your garden. With ColourFence, to ensure you continue to provide corridors for the critters who grace your space with their presence, all you need do is ask the installer! Animal highways for hedgehogs, foxes, badgers and even neighbourly cats can easily be fitted almost anywhere in your fence, offering a vital route through gardens.

Finally, it might not just be fencing that you need, which is why ColourFence also offer beautiful new gates and rails to add even more appeal to your garden. ColourRail comes in over 300 beautiful colours and multiple styles, whilst ColourGate brings a co-ordinated and secure option to your garden. You can even match your fences, gates and rails to your shed, thanks to ColourShed! These metal garden sheds refuse to groan even under the weight of heavy snow and rain, and provide lots of options for the homeowner who wants to get their garden sorted and then enjoy it.

So, whether you’re looking at your fence and questioning its ability to deal with another windy winter, or are looking to completely overhaul and colour match your garden fence, shed, gate and rails, ColourFence has you covered. With the promise of unrivalled durability and a 25-year guarantee, it’s really a no-brainer for anybody in search of the ‘easy life’ when it comes to garden maintenance! 

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