Cornwall LivingIssue #84

Gorgeous gardens

We discover the driving force behind Trevena Cross Nurseries and get some tips on making the most of our gardens by the coast.

Starting out in 1976 with just a field of cabbages, the team at Trevena Cross Nurseries in Breage has since upheld a commitment to growing from the land. Such was their passion when they first started out that it wasn’t long before their work had spilled over into other areas of growing, all nurtured
by their love and appreciation for plants and horticulture.

There’s plenty you can do to keep your coastal garden in tip-top condition”

Backed by a great well of knowledge and expertise for growing a wide range of plants, including coastal plants and rare, unusual and exotic plants, Trevena Cross opens up a world of possibilities for visitors. Run by the Jeffery family, Trevena Cross has a 32-acre nursery and three-acre garden centre, all run by a team that’s happy to impart their knowledge and help make your garden the envy of your neighbours!

Owner, Graham Jeffery, is an expert when it comes to making the most of your coastal garden. He tells us: “With the luxury of a milder climate, we have the option to grow more exotic plants like Chamaerops and Trachycarpus palms, however there is the challenge of poor, sandy soils and salt laden winds (particularly right by the coast). With this in mind, windbreaks are an important consideration in a coastal garden. Hedging plants like Elaeagnus ebbingei, Olearia traversii, or Griselinia littoralis are hardy, salt resistant choices.”

With the right windbreak, Graham explains, the growth of other plants in the garden will be supported, even helping to create microclimates, in which you’ll be able to grow plants like succulents.

He also recommends adding different plants for different purposes. “Adding Phormiums, grasses and foliage plants into your planting scheme will add interest and texture, and seasonal bedding and patio plants will add vibrant colour, too.”

There’s a huge choice of trees and shrubs too, fitting perfectly with coastal gardens, and many varieties from the southern hemisphere, including New Zealand Astelias, Coprosma, Hebes and Pseudopanax will grow well in Cornwall.

There’s plenty you can do to keep your coastal garden in tip-top condition, just pop into the nursery and find out for yourself! While you’re there, you’ll be amazed at the diversity of plants available, and you’re sure to find something to add interest to your garden in the shop, before stopping for lunch in the delightfully delicious Garden Kitchen Café. You can also find a complete, free guide to coastal gardening, so be sure to pop in and grab a copy.

"There’s plenty you can do to keep your coastal garden in tip-top condition"