Cornwall LivingIssue #146

Got to Experience

A life of ease with Slickers Doghouse


We all want to share our days of adventure with our furry pals, and for those who need an extra hand in getting out there, Slickers stocks a range of products designed for just that. The range of slings and carriers seamlessly blend quality with style, strength and comfort, and are perfect for helping older dogs keep up on those long walks or keeping young pups by your side. Made from a strong material with durable inner fabric, you can be sure these products are made to last. 

The Innopet dog strollers stocked at Slickers have been sourced for their quality and sustainability. All parts are replaceable from wheels to fabric, reducing that pesky carbon footprint. From corrosion resistant wheels to 360-degree manoeuvrability and the ability to take on the most challenging terrains with state-of-the-art suspension to ensure your pup the most comfortable ride, all materials are of the highest standard.

Spanning puppyhood to seniorship, if you want to make sure your pooch doesn’t miss out on those long walks, head to Slickers Doghouse to check out the brilliant range of slings, strollers and trailers!


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