Cornwall LivingIssue #62

A great first impression

Property agents Martyn Rohrs and Matthew Rowe reveal more about their mission to redefine the Cornish property market.

It feels like only last week when I first met Martyn Rohrs and Matthew Rowe to learn more about their recently launched property agency that puts lifestyle firmly at its heart. Six months on, Martyn and Matthew remain warm and affable, confident in their approach, and pleased by the positive reception it has garnered. “The business has been exceptionally well received by both buyers and sellers,” says Matthew. “People genuinely seem to enjoy and engage with the way we present properties.” While this is said with pride and belief, they are clearly delighted that the hard work is paying off.

“People genuinely seem to enjoy and engage with the way we present properties.”

Indeed, Rohrs & Rowe, with a combined collective experience of 40 years in the high-end property business, frequently find themselves in the upper ranks of the online property searches, a result they put down to the strong brand identity they have forged, built on powerful visuals – including incredible aerial videos – coupled with a strong marketing presence. They recognise that, with so much competition out there, you have to do something unique in order to cut through the noise. “Our highly visual format of marketing works really well on social media,” adds Martyn. “We’re embracing the future.”

As they explain, a key component of preparing every house for sale is showcasing what is most compelling about it. They have an uncanny ability to identify fresh and dramatic angles that others would overlook – particularly in the way their aerial photographs are framed, highlighting nearby features of interest, from local beaches and shops to stunning scenery, emphasising the lifestyle benefits that the new owner will enjoy.

Success lies in the little details, drawing out a home’s personality, using the images to take prospective buyers on a journey of discovery. “Smaller details like specific fixtures and fittings are indicative of the bigger picture,” explains Martyn. “Buyers, particularly from affluent areas, want to see that a house has been invested in; quality is what stands out.”

The results speak for themselves. Citing just one example, they found a London based buyer within weeks for a beautiful house in Truro that had previously been listed for 18 months to no avail. Matthew continues: “As the old adage goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. It’s often said, but so true and frequently overlooked.”

If you are considering selling in the next 12 months, Martyn and Matthew’s advice is to get in touch as early as possible, to ensure this impression is as good as it can be – don’t wait until you are ready to sell. Equally, with the gorgeous weather we’ve been enjoying recently, now is the perfect time to capture drone video footage and photography of your home and its location in the best possible light. With Rohrs & Rowe you can always expect invaluable advice, and frank, honest feedback on how best to prepare your house to maximise impact. Even if you don’t plan to hit the market until next spring, bank the content now while the sun shines.

Unrestrained by traditional concepts of selling, R&R are ever keen to reflect modern buying habits; seducing purchasers and creating more powerful and emotional connections. This technique is equally effective in off-market sales. Indeed, whether or not on the open market, it’s essential to present your home in a way that triggers a positive response. There’s a growing desire among some buyers and sellers, especially high-profile clients at the higher end of the market, for a discreet, under-the-radar service. R&R have the marketing techniques and contacts to enable this highly targeted, private approach.

Once again, I’m left with the distinct impression that these guys really know their craft, offering not only a fresh perspective but a sincere love of what they do. “Whether buyer or seller, it’s so important to take the time to listen and really understand what they need, not just what they want,” says Matthew.

We all love a good story to immerse ourselves in. With Rohrs & Rowe, you can guarantee you’ll be gripped from the introduction right through to the dramatic conclusion.

"People genuinely seem to enjoy and engage with the way we present properties."