Cornwall LivingIssue #127

Growth by collaboration

A recent collaboration of Cornish businesses is testament to the notion that those who learn to work together, are often the most successful.

The stone specialists over at Duke Stone of Cornwall continue to work alongside some of the county’s most amazing kitchen companies, and the team always find that it’s through collaboratively working together that projects can come together to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations.

In recent years, Duke Stone has forged a close relationship with Torben Schmid Kitchens, a story that began with the manufacturing of the designer’s new showroom in Truro. Torben’s modern style gives Duke Stone the opportunity to showcase and combine cutting-edge materials in stylish domestic settings. Their knowledge, combined with his designs, allows Duke Stone to be both creative and contemporary with the materials chosen. Torben himself agrees. “We like to think outside the box when it comes to materials and design, and Duke Stone were the perfect partner when it came to work surfaces. Whatever we asked of them, however challenging, it was always achievable.” 

Priding themselves on a strong customer focus, the team at Torben Schmid Kitchens were looking for a collaborative partner who shared the same ideals. “Working with Duke Stone is easy; they are craftspeople, and passionate about the work they do, and so the finished result is always exceptional. Duke Stone and I have known each other professionally for a number of years. Knowing their work and dedication to each project, they were our first choice when it came to modelling our
new showroom.”

Duke Stone of Cornwall are experts in design and manufacture, and well versed when it comes to precisely tailoring your home to your needs, of which their collaboration with Torben, and the role they played in the realisation of his incredible showroom, is a case in point. Able to help bring to life a whole array of different projects, whether it’s a new build, a renovation, or simply the update of a single room, if you’re looking for expert help in bringing your dream space to life, be sure to give them a call!

Duke Stone of Cornwall