Cornwall LivingIssue #73

Head to the trenches for a performance like no other

Follow in the footsteps of World War One soldiers and head to the trenches this summer from 18th June to 15th July.

The Trench Bodmin tells the true stories of local Cornishmen who fought in the First World War. Enlist at Bodmin Keep and take on a real soldier’s identity. Board a steam train at Bodmin & Wenford Railway and head to the WWI replica trench to experience the chaos of battle first hand. Keep your head down though! This immersive experience will see you part of the action. As BBC on Collective Arts says: “if you thought theatre was about finding a comfortable seat in a warm room for a couple of hours, think again.” Will you survive? Your duty is clear – enlist today!

For more information and tickets call the box office on 01726 879500 or