Cornwall LivingIssue #63

Healthy holiday

Here’s our guide, with a little help from Reeds Pharmacy, on what to take in your holiday survival first aid kit.

In a world dominated by the constant emergence of new enterprises, it’s rare to see a local, family-run business celebrating long-term success, and to find one where business has been booming for more than 70 years – longer than the NHS – is no mean feat!

“… what can you take that may help you get back on your feet to enjoy those precious few days away?”

Reeds Pharmacy in Truro has the winning formula when it comes to longevity, with a kindly and knowledgeable team that’s always on hand to help and always looking to develop, keeping the best of the old and ever welcoming the new, best ways to help you.

With summer holidays firmly at the forefront of our minds, we thought it would be a good idea to get the Reeds insight into what we need to take with us, specifically, in our first aid kits.

There are few things worse than having your holiday spoiled by illness, so c

Firstly, prevention is better than cure (not to sound too much like your GP!), so take a good sunscreen, one that protects against both the ageing and burning effects of the sun) and don’t forget your lips and ears when applying it!

Be sure to also pack painkillers, dehydration sachets to use with bottled water, antihistamines for those dreaded mosquito bites and loperamide to deal with diarrhoea.

Sticking plasters are also a must for sealing cuts and, if you’re planning on doing a great deal of walking, or wearing new shoes that you haven’t yet worn in, throw in some blister plasters, for good measure.

One final tip, if you wouldn’t normally drink the local tap water, don’t accept drinks with ice in them.

So, happy holidays! For further advice on what to pack for your well-deserved summer break, be sure to pop into Reeds Pharmacy.

"... what can you take that may help you get back on your feet to enjoy those precious few days away?"