Cornwall LivingIssue #79

Here to help

We talk to Georgie White and Amy Wood, owners of professional administration management firm, White Woods, who are leading the way in freeing up business owner’s time.

What kind of administration support do you offer?

“We take care of all the tasks that you struggle to find enough time for – anything from filing receipts, organising your emails or booking appointments, to processing payroll, answering enquiries or constructing reports. Whatever the nature of your business, we’ll learn your processes to fit in seamlessly. We work from our own offices in Helston and connect with businesses all around the world, as if we’re sat just next door.”

Can you tell us about your latest projects?

“We’ve had lots of exciting projects to get our teeth stuck into. Some of our favourite challenges have been creating an entire holiday booking system using only Excel, writing blog posts and newsletters, and creating or re-vamping websites. No two days are the same which is what we love most!”

What skill set do you each bring to the table for prospective clients?

“We’re incredibly proud of the range of expertise within our team. We’re meticulous when it comes to admin – some of us are more creative whilst others are methodical with numbers. We all play to our strengths and it’s our enthusiasm to learn new things that makes it work so well.”

For many, it’s difficult to admit that they need help… How do you know when you need to start delegating tasks?

“The key is realising that you need to stop trying (and failing) to find time for all those mundane tasks you never get around to because something else takes priority. They’re the ones you should be delegating to somebody else.”

What services do you offer your Superyacht clients?

“Exactly the same services as every other business – the only difference is that these ones move! They can be in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and we’re still able to connect with them every day. We help with a variety of crew tasks such as payroll, ensuring their documentation complies with regulations and arranging their travel to and from the vessel.”

What are the benefits of choosing your services instead of hiring a new member of staff to carry out those tasks?

“We take care of your tasks for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own full-time assistant, giving you time to focus on the things you love the most. You only pay for the actual time we spend on getting those tasks done. There’s always a member of the team around to ensure a seamless continuation of service, and you’ll have access to the right combination of skills needed for the job.”


What their clients say…

“I have worked with Georgie and Amy for several years and cannot recommend them enough; they are professional, smart and have on more than one occasion found solutions to problems when no one else could. I have never known them not to go the extra mile. They are utterly dedicated, resourceful, quick to get the job done and in addition they’re great people who we have enjoyed working with immensely.”