Cornwall LivingIssue #102

How to work a room

We all know what we like. Whether it’s a lush velvet or a soft linen, we all have our own particular preferences when it comes to designing our interiors.

The team at The Cotton Mills Design House, on Infirmary Hill in Truro, are experts when it comes to helping clients realise their dream interiors. Catching up with business owner, Ali Cary, we learn that when updating or creating a new room, the first port of call is to establish which items of furniture and art you want to keep.

Next, it’s time to make a digital mood board. You can do this by photographing your beloved pieces and placing them on a digital board; Canva ( is a perfect tool for this – a simple way of seeing and finding your style! 

Ultimately, explains Ali, the key in bringing your interior vision to life, lies in the answers to a series of questions. These questions, she explains, are fundamental to matching your interior to your own personal preferences. 

Firstly, do your items work together? Do you need to curate your pieces for your new space? It’s also key that you decipher whether you’re aiming for a particular colour scheme, or a more ‘eclectic’ style. “Are you looking for a warm inviting space? Is it cool or on trend? Interior designers recommend three colours,” explains Ali. “A dominant colour should make up 70% of the scheme, with 20% of complimentary hues and a final 10% of accent.”

And don’t forget to accessorise! Ali suggests building texture with rugs or plants, but there are, in truth, a whole host of ways in which you can do this – so many that it can easily become overwhelming! Fortunately, The Cotton Mills team can guide you through the interior maze, helping you to find the right colours and fabrics for your project. As well as offering mood boards and floor plans, there is a team of artisans on-hand, ready to make, create and fit your perfect curtains, shutters, carpets or blinds. They’ll also introduce you to their most tried and trusted traders, including carpenters, builders, electricians and plumbers, should your project require them.

In short, no matter what size your project is, an appointment at The Cotton Mills Design House comes highly recommended. From cementing your vision on a mood board, to bringing it to life in your home, it’s what the team does best – turning your space into the sanctuary you’ve been dreaming of. 

Visits to The Cotton Mills Design House are by appointment only, which means that whilst you’re there, the team will be devoted to your project and ensuring your vision is quickly brought to life.

The Cotton Mills Design House
Infirmary Hill, Truro TR1 2JB
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