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In the festive spirit

Embrace the spirit of Christmas, Belgian style, at Bier Huis Grand Café in St Ives.

Nestled in the heart of St Ives you’ll find Bier Huis Grand Café. Family run, the ethos at Bier Huis revolves around sharing the unique dining rituals that Belgium has to offer. Belgium is known for its incomparable brewing traditions and continuous beer flow; this, coupled with delightful and comforting cuisine, makes it a great destination to aim for over the festive period.

“It’s warm, cosy and welcoming for you and your four-legged friend”

‘Bier Huis’ is the Dutch translation of ‘beer house’, also meaning ‘meeting place’, which perfectly describes this cosy and welcoming café! Expect a warm welcome with extraordinary continental food, accompanied by a satisfying amount of iconic Belgian beverages and barista style coffee.

We hear how Bier Huis is preparing for the festive season from owner, Sally, who tells us: “We intend to decorate the café with a lovely tree and plenty of lights to give it a really warm Christmassy feel.” Served alongside the festive decorations is the Christmas party menu, perfect for gatherings between friends, family and colleagues. It wouldn’t be Christmas without mulled wine and thankfully, this is also on the menu alongside some fantastic ‘Noël’ guest beers.

“We have a unique, quirky and different atmosphere to anywhere else in St Ives,” says Sally. “It’s warm, cosy and welcoming for you and your four-legged friend,” making Bier Huis a great stop off after a winter walk along the beach, when you can head in for a warming rustic meal with a refreshing bottle of beer.

Watch out if you order a pint of Kwak though, it’s served in its traditional glass in the coachman’s wooden stand and if you order one you’ll be asked to hand over your shoe as a deposit. It’s then raised above the bar in a lobster pot until you return the glass in one piece!

The warmth and fun at Bier Huis are infectious, making it the perfect place for a Christmas party this year! Book your table now for a great atmosphere coupled with delicious food and the best beer around.


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The Christmas party menu is just £29.95 per person, but be sure to book in advance! The price includes a £5 deposit per head, and meal choices must be pre-ordered.


Bier Huis Grand Café

01736 797074 

“It’s warm, cosy and welcoming for you and your four-legged friend”