Cornwall LivingIssue #126

Innovation bottled

Mainbrace are changing the way we think about rum by infusing tradition with a fresh modern twist. 

Run by a father and sons team based out of the Helford passage, the idea for Mainbrace was born when together they watched a team of local gig racers celebrating their win, and a moment of courage, teamwork and friendship inspired a venture into the spirits business to find a way to bottle that feeling. 

As a family of varied tastes, they wanted to create something that would fit perfectly into a refreshing long drink, a sophisticated cocktail or to be savoured neat. Eventually they’d settle on a unique blend of two distinct and never-before bottled styles to produce a smooth, perfectly balanced golden rum with no additives, sourced from Guyana and Martinique. This splicing of two rums got them thinking, and, knowing the phrase of “Splice the Mainbrace”, they thought it perfectly encapsulated the product and spirit of the rum, and we couldn’t agree more. 

With the rise of new gins and rums, naturally an increase in new and innovative mixers has followed, which can only mean exciting and creative opportunities for brands like Mainbrace, who recently collaborated with small mixer brands like Navas Drinks, a local premium Cornish mixer, and Sekforde Drinks. By working with smaller, local brands the team hope to alter the perception of drinking rum to one of sophistication, introducing the thought of rum in a simple cocktail or with a delicious mixer like ginger ale or tonic, with an added slice of orange of extra flavour. 

With the perception of drinking premium rum in a simple way so as to not ruin the quality spirit in mind, Mainbrace’s favourite cocktail is the Always Sunny, an easy cocktail to make at home. Just add plenty of ice into a high ball glass, followed by 50 ml of Mainbrace Premium Golden Run, 25 ml of fresh orange juice, and then top up with ginger ale. Garnish with an orange wedge and you will have the perfect drink to bring sunshine into your life, no matter where you are! The rich and natural flavours with notes of dried fruits, spices, apple and toffee, Mainbrace is also wonderful savoured neat for those experienced rum and whisky drinkers.