Cornwall Living

Inspired by nature

We discover a unique Cornish jewellery workshop, with a world-wide audience.

Nestled near National Trust gardens on the outskirts of Penzance, you’ll find Justin Duance’s jewellery workshop. It may look unassuming from the outside but inside it is a hive of activity, twinkling gemstones and tapping hammers.

From these humble origins Justin’s jewellery is made and sent all over the world, with designs not just inspired by our natural surroundings, but incorporating it. Local hardwoods are inlaid into rings and gold is cast directly into beach sand to create unique and organic textures. “It’s very humbling,” explains Justin “people come from all over the place to choose their jewellery after seeing us online.”

Any visit is more than worth it. You’re welcomed into their office space (from which you can see into the workshop) where their extensive collection of rings, pendants, studs, and cufflinks are all laid out for you. With their relaxed and friendly approach, you’re encouraged to have fun – trying different pieces on to get a sense for what feels right and what you like. When you’re ready, all the different elements are pulled together into a design for the perfect piece which can be made especially for you.

There is plenty of scope for personalising your piece; from collecting your own sand or wood, to choosing the specifications of your design and the materials it’s made from – all sustainably sourced, of course. Everything is made to order, with the exception of the ‘Off the Bench Peg’ collection which is ready-made. Here Justin has given his team free reign to make whatever takes their fancy and these one-of-a-kind pieces are displayed at the workshop as well as being for sale on their website. This not only gives the jewellers creative freedom but also an opportunity to explore new techniques and ideas that can inform new designs. And of course, it means that you can have a unique piece of Justin Duance jewellery without the usual wait time.

If you’d like to visit Justin’s workshop, book in online or over the phone. You’re encouraged to bring ideas and heirloom materials, or simply come and choose from their many designs.


01736 367254