Cornwall LivingIssue #70

Inspiring change

Interior design is anything but a ‘one size fits all’ exercise, which is where Sue and the team at Inspirational Interiors come in.

Whether you’re designing the perfect holiday rental, from cottage to penthouse, or creating your ‘forever’ home; more than anything, Sue from Inspirational Interiors believes in the importance of the individual when it comes to interior design, and it’s something she focuses on with each of her clients.

“Gone are the days when gingham curtains are a necessity in that quaint little Cornish cottage. With the freedom of choice in fabrics and design now available, putting your own stamp on a home has never been easier!” That said, Sue stresses it does require a certain amount of bravery; a degree of pushing the boat out a little beyond your usual comfort zone.

“With the freedom of choice in fabrics and design now available, putting your own stamp on a home has never been easier!”

One way to explore your individuality, she explains, is with colour, and what better time to be talking about this than with spring just around the corner? “The wintry greys we’ve been living with for months are suddenly interrupted by vivid greens and yellows popping up all over the place. A simple ‘pop’ of colour can add vibrancy to your home that not only screams personality, but gives anybody who walks through the door a little insight into who you are. And shouldn’t your home be a reflection of you?” Green, in particular, is a colour that has seen a rapid resurgence over the past couple of years, Sue explains, with botanical wallpaper prints proving particularly popular. New printing techniques allow you to go bold with any pattern, and the same goes for fabrics! “Being brave with your interior design will encourage you to do the same when it comes to furnishings and accessories. Once you’ve created an inspiring backdrop, you’ll often find yourself motivated to keep it going. Believe me, once you start colouring in, you won’t want to stop!”

But that’s not to say you have to go bold or do nothing. Instead, why not harness your individuality in other ways? Not everyone will love vivid colour and pattern, and Sue tells us “I am a firm believer in encouraging variety, not dictating my own style. We shouldn’t be slaves to new trends; they should serve us. A designer’s job is to first understand the clients’ personality, and then help bring that out in the choices they present.

“You may prefer subtle, restful tones, for instance, in which case we can tailor your options around those. This could be by using simple, plain, but tactile fabrics, such as linen, silk or velvet, or maybe a beautiful tonal jacquard of the ‘less is more’ school, letting the quality do the talking.”

It’s also fine, according to Sue, if you want to keep a space white and clean. “Just think about how you can do this in a way that’s all about you.”

It’s all about understanding what your taste is and having the confidence to pursue it. Why not play around a bit and see what feels right for you? Sue suggests putting together a mood board – peruse the magazines, look online, and collate what makes you happy. “Just by observing what you do and don’t like, from windows, floors, walls and ceilings, through to furniture, soft furnishings and accessories, can really help you settle on a scheme that you’re confident in. It’ll mean that when it comes to making those final choices for your own home, you’ll find the decision making a lot easier, and your personality will have no choice but to shine through, as it so rightly deserves!”

If ever you’re unsure, it’s always worth bringing in the professionals, who can advise on the newest options that are best for you. Indeed, they’ll often reveal things about your home, and how you can maximise its potential, that you’d never have seen yourself! So, if you’re itching to give your home a makeover but you’re looking for a second opinion to ensure you make the right call, why not contact Sue and the team? After all, there’s a reason they’re called Inspirational Interiors…

"With the freedom of choice in fabrics and design now available, putting your own stamp on a home has never been easier!”