Cornwall LivingIssue #99

Introducing InventSports

Manufacturing eye-catching and exciting products using the finest sustainable materials, InventSports is known for taking the best parts of sports and from them, creating the most unique, useful and intriguing products. 

A great example is the company’s range of beach ponchos. Beautifully eye-catching, very soft on the skin and incredibly functional. All ponchos are made using the finest materials, with no microfibres or plastics. Whether you’re on the beach, at the pool, have just jumped out of the shower, or are simply lounging around at home, these ponchos promise to keep you comfortable and warm. And if you are out and about, perhaps having just finished a surf, one of these ponchos will serve brilliantly as a mobile changing room – really handy in Cornwall’s busy car parks! They offer particularly warm, twin-layer hoods with high collars and hardy pull cords, while the large front and side pockets provide ample space for carrying your belongings, and are especially good for warming your hands when temperatures start to drop. 

The company’s ethos is centred around a love for the environment, which is why all poncho materials used carry the ‘STANDARD 100’ label. This means you can be certain that every component of your new purchase – and we mean every component – has been fully tested for harmful substances and that it is therefore harmless in ecological terms. It also guarantees that the item was manufactured in sustainable working conditions, something we can all agree is now more important than ever.

The range includes style ponchos, travel ponchos, children’s ponchos, zip ponchos and storm ponchos, and take it from us: they’re well worth checking out!

For more information call 020 7283 4060 or visit