Cornwall LivingIssue #129

Investing in quality

As another recession appears on the horizon, it’s time to dig deep and be bold.

As we head into an uncertain fiscal future, those of us old enough to remember previous economic blips are in the position to be able to offer sage advice to those nervous about spending hard earned money. ‘Buy cheap and pay twice’ is a recognised maxim that probably haunts many of us, ‘you only get what you pay for’ or ‘purchase in haste and repent at leisure’ are two others that come to mind. These statements hold true no matter what the financial backdrop is – a poorly constructed thing will always be poorly constructed. So, although everyone seems to be viewing the next few months as a grim product of Brexit, the pandemic or violent conflict, history tells us that it can’t last forever. That’s why we must optimistically forge ahead, otherwise we could find ourselves wallowing in despond far longer than necessary, and subsequently regretting the lack lustre and timid decisions we’ve made under this canopy when better times have returned.

We’re not suggesting a head long dive into a frivolous spending spree, more of a cautious and considered approach when it comes to buying, one that perhaps we have forgone over the past few years. Times are tough, but that doesn’t mean everything should grind to a halt. In fact, by not spending the situation will only get worse.

This is particularly true when it comes to items in and around the home. Some customers are spending less and less often, and they’re buying to keep up their home’s structure and appearance often with cheaper and less durable products. However, this is always a false economy.

As April Watson, company director at Carpet Trader says, “We always have a wide range of products to transform any home or space while bearing permanence in mind.” Home furnishings should be viewed as an investment rather than a purchase. Remember that you’re going to have to literally live with these items on a daily basis, so surely you owe it to yourself to go for the best and longest-lived items you can afford? April continues, “Going forward into the next few months, with the fiscal uncertainty faced by so many, we will continue to adapt as a business and to adopt great new products. As a company, we feel that what you put into your home should bring beauty and a feeling of sanctuary, and that value is not represented by the cost of a thing, but by its contribution.”

So, if you’re thinking about whether to go for quality over make-do, we suggest taking a bold approach – it will pay off in the long term!