Cornwall LivingIssue #121

Joint effort

Keeping your knees healthy this spring in Cornwall, with Mr Pengas, Orthopaedic Knee Consultant.

Cornwall has so much to offer, literally on our doorstep. Some amazing landscapes, coastal walks, beaches, along with a myriad of outdoor pursuits and sports. We all wish to be able to enjoy these, especially now that spring has arrived and the weather is improving. However, if you are struggling with knee pain, these activities, sadly, can remain a dream. Duchy Hospital is here to help you get back to the things you love; don’t let knee instability and pain hold you back from enjoying your life! 

We have some advice from one of Duchy Hospital’s Orthopaedic Knee Consultants, Mr Pengas. “Most patients are worried that knee pain equates to a big operation for a ‘new knee’,” he explains. “That is far from the truth in a significant proportion of the cases. At Duchy, we can explore all available options and solutions from non-operative treatments to surgical intervention by consulting with a knee specialist that can truly offer tailor made solutions to your knee needs.”

Mr Pengas truly believes that the best knee you will ever have, is your own. “It is imperative that the correct diagnosis and management options are thoroughly explored in a timely manner, to enhance the chances of your native knee’s survival and function. Not all painful knees may require surgery or indeed replacement, but that option is available when necessary and appropriate.”

Mr Pengas is a Trauma and Orthopaedics Consultant specialising solely on knee pathology. He has completed sought-after knee fellowships and a Doctorate Thesis on knee arthritis. He has maintained an active interest in knee sport injuries, joint preservation and biological solutions that can enhance and prolong your own knee joint function as well as joint replacement surgery. Mr Pengas is an active member of several national and international knee societies, in which he is currently involved with the upcoming European Consensus Statement on PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections in knee osteoarthritis.  

So, if you have been unlucky to have a knee sporting injury or suffer with knee pain and arthritis, preventing you from your sport or daily activities, don’t let that hold you back in life. Seek the expert advice and explore your options with an exclusively knee-focused specialist, whose aim will be in finding solutions to prolong your native knee’s longevity and function.

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