Cornwall LivingIssue #133

Keeping it cosy

GreenGenUK are hot on the heels of the heating solution of the future – air source heat pumps!

With temperatures rising and falling throughout the year (sometimes rather unpredictably), many of us are looking at ways in which we can maintain comfortable heat levels at home, whilst keeping the energy bills in check and the impact on the planet in mind.

An air source heat pump ticks over in the background of your home and keeps the temperature at a nice, ambient level, even on the coldest days of winter. This is better for the fabric of your home as temperatures won’t peak and trough, improves overall efficiency and means you can be cosy and comfortable all day long.

When you run an oil or gas boiler, it’s usually in short blasts and then your home cools down when the boiler switches off. In contrast, a heat pump runs at lower temperatures more consistently to maintain a level of heat in your home. As such, a heat pump is an ideal replacement for a gas or oil boiler. Typically, a single air source unit will be installed on the outside of the home. This is then connected to a hot water tank internally and the existing central heating system. Some small upgrades may be required but overall disruption to the home is minimal. Once installed, the heat pump provides all the property’s heating and hot water.

In addition, to aid customers into switching from outdated fossil fuel boilers, the government is offering a £5,000 grant to anybody making the switch known as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS). Domestic heating is the largest carbon emitter in your home and switching to a heat pump will generate a carbon saving in a number of tonnes. The BUS scheme comes off of the amount you pay and is open to anybody converting from a fossil fuel system.

The limited scheme runs until 2025 and works on a first-come-first-serve basis. As we move through winter, and with more price rises anticipated later in the year, switch out your boiler with an energy efficient heat pump now to start saving.

GreenGenUK, Cornwall’s leading renewable heating experts, offer free site visits and bespoke proposals. GreenGen’s idea is to design an efficient, cost-effective solution for your home. With no obligation quotes, their aim is to give homeowners the information needed to make an informed decision.

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