Cornwall LivingIssue #81

KinetIQue announces new showroom in Truro

Driven by creating beautiful jewellery that’s free from environmental damage and humanitarian issues, KinetIQue Jewellery has become synonymous with the company’s own lab-grown IQ Diamond.

Representing excellent value, this ethical stone’s core only exists in its natural form from an exploding star. It’s a world first and, as you might expect, has taken the international jewellery market by storm!

It’s with great excitement then that Elaine Reffell tells us: “Thanks to the IQ Diamond and great customer service, KinetIQue has grown so well that opening a showroom in Truro was the logical next step – we’re excited to be opening on Princes Street, Truro in the New Year! People can make appointments to come in, browse jewellery and talk over their own bespoke designs, whether it’s a gift to say ‘I love you’, or the perfect engagement ring.”

Championing jewellery that’s kind, not mined, be sure to visit the new KinetIQue showroom in Truro!

For more information 01208 592066 or visit