Cornwall LivingIssue #124

Laying it out

Recognising the value of quality and longevity as we look to the future of our home interiors.


With a continuing squeeze on disposable income for many households, companies are recognising a continuing need to offer both quality and value. As businesses across the land adapt themselves once more to yet another version of a new normal, the team over at The Carpet Trader in Wadebridge firmly believe in the quality of their flooring goods and installations to offer longevity and the continuance of performance for the longer term. 

April Watson, company Director at Carpet Trader, is something of an aficionado for trendsetting interiors and knows a thing or two about the importance of sumptuous home décor while working within budgetary parameters:  “Here we continue to offer, as we always have, a wide range of products to transform any home or space while bearing permanence in mind, and in that way offering great value.” Speaking from The Carpet Trader showroom, she goes on to say: “Several of the suppliers from which we buy our goods now offer lifetime warranties. We want to know that our customers have peace of mind and know that they have made the right choice with their flooring and carpet installations.” 

The company is also driving forward an increasing number of products which are made using natural materials, including wool carpets which have excellent eco credentials, and a wide selection of hard floor solutions, including engineered wood flooring which has all the strength, durability and beauty of traditional solid wood, but in a sustainable form that preserves the precious hardwood. Packed full of character, real wooden flooring can bring a sense of unrivalled warmth and authenticity to the home. 

“Every client is working to a budget,” April explains, “and we always pride ourselves on our ability to cater for all. Whether a client has a full house renovation or a single room to change, our expert fitters are on hand to provide a tremendous standard of work. Going forward into the next few months with the fiscal uncertainty faced by so many, we will continue to adapt as a business and to adopt great new products. As a company, we feel that what you put into your home should bring beauty and sanctuary, and that value is not represented by the cost of a thing, but by its contribution.”