Cornwall Living

Learning to fly

Soar over the water without the need for wind or waves in the safe hands of the E-Foil Cornwall team. 


Learning to surf on a regular surfboard requires years of practice and even then, the sport remains super difficult and fickle and rides are short. When you’re on an E-Foil however, you can keep going forever – or at least as long as your battery lasts. E-Foil Cornwall is the first and only centre in Cornwall for electric hydro-foiling. Based in the tranquil waters of Looe Bay, E-Foil Cornwall offers the perfect location in which to learn how to E-Foil, not to mention an exciting new way to explore the iconic Cornish coastline.

The best part is that anyone can E-Foil! It’s easier than you might think, and the team at E-Foil Cornwall have found that almost anyone can stand up within just half an hour, and that’s without any kind of surfing background! The experienced instructors make sure that all lessons are safe and fun, and importantly, that you have an unforgettable time. You can choose between three different types of lesson. You can go solo with a one-to-one lesson, or attend as a group and learn together.

The E-foil Experience provides those who have done e-foiling previously the opportunity to explore the stunning Cornish Coastline whilst soaring above the waves. With river, island and coastline experiences available, E-foil Experience gives you the chance to see Cornwall from a totally unique perspective.

With E-foil and paddleboard instructors Joel and Dennis at the helm, you can rest assured you’re in the safest of hands, whether you’re fresh to the E-foil scene and need a little instruction to get on your feet, or are more practised and looking to explore the waters in the local area (weather dependant) with a guide who knows the perfect spots to make the most of the beautiful Cornish scenery, and the 60 minutes of battery time afforded by an E-foil.