Dogs Love Cornwall Living2018/19 Autumn/Winter

Less work, less smell, more play with Siccaro

There’s nothing better than sharing the great outdoors with your dog, however, returning to your car or home with a wet, dirty dog can be a hassle and in the colder months, it’s important to get them warm and dry quickly.

Siccaro Supreme Pro dog drying robes solve these issues fast with the super-absorbent, antibacterial Wet2Dry fabric, which holds over seven times its weight in water – it gets wet dogs 90% dry in around fifteen minutes. Kate Humble, author and TV presenter uses the Siccaro robes on her own dogs and says: “They work amazingly well – and quickly. Both dogs are dry within about five to ten minutes of putting the dog drying coats on, and the car isn’t overwhelmed with the potent smell of wet dog.”

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