Cornwall LivingIssue #92

Letting your property?

We hear first-hand the benefits of letting your property through HomeAway, from property partner, Sally Smither Harvey.

HomeAway’s worldwide holiday rental marketplace can maximise the potential income of your second home, but don’t just take our word for it. We caught up with existing property partner, Sally Smither Harvey, to ask her a few questions about her own HomeAway experience.

Where are your properties located?

I have two traditional cottages in Cornwall, in a little fishing village called Charlestown.

How long have you had your properties?

I have owned both properties since 2010, so a little less than nine years, and both were bought as investments. Renting through HomeAway, and having guests come to stay in our properties, has given us some extra income to put towards the mortgage and the bills.

Where do your guests come from?

My guests come from all over the UK, but I have recently seen an influx of German, Dutch and Swiss guests. I think the rise in interest from European guests is mainly due to the ‘Poldark effect’ as well as other programmes filmed around the Cornish coast. I have also had guests from as far afield as the Middle East and North America.

What do you like about HomeAway?

HomeAway gives me at least 96% of my bookings so being with them has been very, very beneficial. I’m a Premier Partner, which means I have someone I can call whenever I need to, making the whole process very easy. If I do have a problem there’s always a friendly person on the end of the phone, which is why it’s been a great experience for me.


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