Cornwall LivingIssue #88

Experience a luxurious swim spa

Swim spas are a much easier and less expensive addition to the garden than a conventional swimming pool and can be fully installed and ready to use in just three days!

They also allow you to change the resistance to perfectly accommodate your fitness level, with workout monitoring technology so you can always be aware of your progress.

If you own a swimming pool in Cornwall, you can usually only use it for four to six months. A swim spa on the other hand can be used every day of the year. Not to mention that conventional swimming pools can require a lot of general cleaning and maintenance, whereas a swim spa has an integrated sanitising and filtration system, so you can relax knowing you’re getting the cleanest and safest pool experience possible. Having installed lots of swim spas across Cornwall, the OC Spas teams are well equipped to help you with expert advice, so why not head to the showroom and discuss your options?


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