Cornwall LivingIssue #112

Made to measure

Ali Cary, owner and founder of the Cotton Mills in Truro, explains why custom shutters are the ultimate solution to dressing your windows.

Window shutters are, by design, incredibly versatile. They provide varying levels of light and privacy that curtains and blinds simply cannot. The style, configuration and louvre you choose determines the amount of light coming in and how easy it is to see into the room. For instance, they can be made full-height, or tier-on-tier, allowing the top to be wide open to let in light, while the bottom remains closed to maintain privacy. Win-win!

There are many other perks to shutters besides versatility, and these include insulation, as they are made to fit your window. Fortunately, at the Cotton Mills in Truro, all shutters are custom built – to the millimetre – and the team even installs them for you. This means that whether your window is small and rectangular, or something more unusual like a hexagonal shape, you can rest assured that your shutters are tailored to fit your home precisely. “During the installation,” explains Ali from the Cotton Mills, “a frame is fixed into the window reveal, and the panels are hung from the frame. This means fewer gaps for cold air to enter the room, making it easier to maintain your desired room temperature and even reduce your heating bills.”

Shutters are great for children’s bedrooms and nurseries too; a dim-out option is perfect for youngsters who nap during the day, and the lack of a cord means there’s nothing for curious kids to pull and break. They also promise peace and quiet, thanks to the aforementioned frame, which unlike blinds and curtains ensures that those who like to keep the window open at night needn’t put up with noisy rattling!

“Whilst shutters might, in some instances, be slightly more expensive,” says Ali, “their versatility means they provide better value than curtains or blinds. If privacy, light control, efficiency and durability are important to you, there’s no better option.” In short, if you’re embarking on an interior project, whether your window dressings are the last piece in the puzzle, or you need guidance from Ali and the team of interior experts to get your entire project of the ground, be sure to give The Cotton Mills in Truro a call!

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