Cornwall LivingIssue #150

Making a Difference

A community project helping the people of Cornwall, one cast at a time.

Tight Lines is more than just a fishing community; it offers wellness, education and social connection for the people of Cornwall. Founded by Justin Keight, after losing his best friend to mental health, he shares his love of fishing as a tool to help others.
Tight Lines’ regular fishing socials bring together individuals of all ages and skill levels, fostering a sense of community and connection. These events offer families, friends, and solo anglers the chance to meet, share stories and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of fishing in some wonderful settings across Cornwall. Justin comments: “Fishing is renowned for its meditative qualities. Tight Lines’ events and programmes help participants find peace and mental clarity. Time spent near the water, focusing on the act of fishing, and immersing oneself in nature can significantly improve mental health and overall well-being.”

Tight Lines offers school intervention programmes which, by introducing students to the joys of angling, teaches patience, concentration and respect for nature. These initiatives promote teamwork and can have a positive impact on students’ mental well-being and academic performance. Tailored wellness days aimed at businesses and organisations, provide a unique way to help staff de-stress, recharge and improve focus. A day spent fishing allows employees to experience the calming effects of nature, leading to reduced stress levels, improved mental clarity and a significant reduction in sickness days. These wellness days are also excellent for team bonding and enhancing collaboration and morale within the workplace.

Always looking to educate, Tight Lines also provides workshops and training sessions on various fishing techniques and environmental conservation. “These educational opportunities equip participants with new skills and a deeper appreciation for their local ecosystem, fostering a culture of stewardship and sustainability,” explains Justin. “We are committed to making fishing accessible to everyone, striving to remove those barriers that may prevent people from participating, ensuring that their events and programmes are inclusive and welcoming to all members of the community.”

Tight Lines is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the people of Cornwall. Its commitment to community, education and wellness ensures that everyone can benefit from the joys and therapeutic effects of fishing. Join them and experience how Tight Lines is making a positive impact, one cast at a time. For more information about their wellness angling days and other programmes, visit their website or contact them directly. Tight Lines invites you to fish for a better tomorrow – together!


Tight Lines