Cornwall LivingIssue #121

Masters of masonry

A peek inside one of St Ives’ most popular bars and hotels, Host, having recently received the ‘Duke Stone’ treatment.

The stonemasons of the Lizard peninsula, otherwise known as Duke Stone of Cornwall, have long designed and supplied bespoke natural stone products, outfitting dream homes and businesses throughout the county with practical and naturally beautiful adornments, from granite and quartz worktops to hearths.   

There’s a certain satisfaction to be taken from achieving your dream space, be it the worktops in your kitchen or the floor and wall-tiles of your bathroom. But knowing where to start when it comes to sourcing the best materials, not to mention installing them to a standard that lives up to your interior dream, can be tricky. As an example of how Duke Stone of Cornwall can help, we take a look inside the recently opened cocktail bar and boutique hotel, Host – based in the centre of St Ives and destined to become extremely popular.

Duke Stone was commissioned to manufacture the bespoke tops for the bar, as well as the unique, luxury vanity suites in the guestrooms. The brief necessitated that the style of these items, and the materials from which they were made, tied in with the wider chic interior style. The clients, we learn, were very specific and focused on the aesthetic, and the ogee edge detail that Duke Stone used on both the bar and the vanity suites, really brought their elegant concept design to life.

Working with local businesses and supporting their visions is something Duke Stone of Cornwall loves to do on a daily basis. Especially here in Cornwall, there is a great demand for surfaces, inside and out, made of the natural stone that’s so reflective of the county’s rugged natural environment. It’s on these materials that Duke Stone has built its sterling reputation, working with an extensive range of colours and finishes in granite, quartz, marble and limestone, to give homes and businesses alike precisely the look they want. Each member of the team pays meticulous attention to every little detail throughout the course of a project, displaying unrivalled skill in meeting your requirements, as is evident in the new bar and vanities of Host. But what really stands out, is their focus on customer care; with Duke Stone, you know you’re being well looked after.

Duke Stone of Cornwall are experts in design and manufacture, and well versed when it comes to precisely tailoring your home to your needs, of which Host, St Ives, is a case in point. So, whether it’s a new build, a renovation, or simply the update of a single room, if you’re looking for expert help in bringing your project to life, be sure to give them a call!

Duke Stone of Cornwall