Cornwall LivingIssue #84

New novel skin tightening treatment

Tixel is a new rejuvenation treatment which can be used to tighten the skin, improve the appearance of scars and help absorption of topical products.

Great for the under eye area and dark circles, it uses a heated metal plate to deliver heat energy directly to the skin’s surface.

Clinic founder, Dr Joachim Stolte, tells us: “We are the first and only clinic in Cornwall to use Tixel and the results that we can achieve are very similar to CO2 laser resurfacing, but with a lot less downtime and much more comfort for the patient during treatments.”

The Tixel device can be used in both ablative and non-ablative mode, depending on your preferences and how much time you can take off to recover. It rejuvenates all Fitzpatrick skin types on the face, neck, periorbital area, eyelids, décolleté and the backs of hands. Patients so far have reported little pain when undergoing the treatment, even when used without topical anaesthesia.

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