Cornwall LivingIssue #65

Memories to treasure

Take jewellery off your list of wedding worries with a trip to Cornwall Gold.

Nestled amid 18 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, Cornwall Gold has been making fine jewellery for almost 30 years, with one simple aim: making memories with jewellery that reflects Cornwall’s proud heritage, unique natural beauty and way
of life.

“… they’re always on hand and happy to help guide you through the process of finding the perfect ring…”

Upon visiting, you’ll discover Tolgus Tin Mill – the last remaining tin streaming works in Europe. Established in 1865, this fascinating mill has been lovingly regenerated to once again produce tin from the land and water that flows through the site. Harnessing over a quarter of a century of jewellery making experience, this unique tin is combined with silver and gold to create bespoke pieces, pieces that will keep memories of this precious heritage alive for generations.

With preserving memories in mind, the team is delighted to present the Tolgus Bridal collection, a legacy that will not only help safeguard the future of Europe’s last tin mill, but also signify the start of your lives together. For those who hold Cornwall close to your hearts, what better way to express your love for each other? Lovingly handcrafted to your exact specifications, each bespoke piece contains Tolgus Tin – extracted and processed on site – that’s been forged in nine-carat gold.

The team understands that when it comes to weddings, there’s plenty to be stressed about, from popping the question to planning and executing the day itself. This is why they’re always on hand and happy to help guide you through the process of finding the perfect ring and, in doing so, ticking it off your list of worries. They even offer cleaning and repair, so there’s no need to worry about it falling into disrepair a few years down the line – simply bring it in and the team will get it looking as good as new!

Perhaps you have a family heirloom that you’d love to incorporate into your special day. Due to the flexibility of precious metals, your jewellery can be melted down and transformed into an item of your choice. This means that you can take the piece that holds the most sentimental value and revamp it into something that’ll make your day that extra bit special.

Whatever stage you’re at, whether you’re working up the courage to get down on one knee, hunting for wedding bands or looking for that perfect present that simply says ‘I love you’, why not head down to Cornwall Gold and discover a world of beautiful jewellery that’s sourced and inspired by the landscape that surrounds us.

"... they're always on hand and happy to help guide you through the process of finding the perfect ring..."

Sample Menu



The Full Cornish Breakfast - £9.25
Proper Job Pantry Burgers - £10.25 (Add cheese £1.00 Add bacon £1.25)
The Dirty Pantry Burger - £14.95
Pantry Chicken - £10.95
Clacky Pig - £10.95
Miner’s Friend - £10.95

Steak & Doombar Pudding - £9.95
The Pantry Porker - £10.95
Bangers & Mash - £9.95
Chicken & Chorizo Pie - £10.95

Licky Pie - £9.95
Tempura Vegetables - £9.25
Mushroom & Halloumi Burger - £11.95
Avocado Salad - £8.95

Fish Finger Bara - £10.95
Catch of the Day - £11.25
Seafood Chowder - £10.95
Homemade Fishcakes - £10.95

and much more.