Cornwall LivingIssue #89

Merchants Manor charges forward

Merchants Manor Hotel & Spa continues to pave the way for environmentally friendly tourism in Cornwall.

Exclusively for grown-ups, Falmouth’s Merchants Manor Hotel & Spa strides forward once again, taking accountability for its sustainability initiatives by installing an ultra-electric vehicle charging point.

“make a difference to the environment, the community and the way we travel”

Chargemasters’ ‘Next Generation’ rapid charge point, is capable of charging most electric vehicles up to 80% in under 30 minutes, with capacity to charge two vehicles at any time. To demonstrate the true potential of this new service, Merchants Manor teamed up with Audi Truro to show off the state-of-the-art Audi E-tron. This sporty, five-seat SUV has a range of more than 248 miles in the WLTP driving cycle, and its all-wheel drive is powered by two electric motos, which generation 300kW of power.

Customers can enjoy fully electric driving without having to compromise. Pop in for a bite to eat or work up an appetite in the gym and pool. Merchants Manor Hotel & Spa and Rastella Restaurant is the perfect spot for both car and human to recharge the batteries.

Hotel owner, Sioned Parry-Rudlin tells us: “There is no doubt that electric vehicles are part of the future and one of the solutions to the environmental problems we face. With its fast charging times and easy access, anyone, from overnight guests to those just popping in for a quick swim, will be able to fully recharge their car in no time. Working with Chargemaster also means that all energy provided is from renewable sources.”

The team from Chargemaster explain: “Merchants Manor Hotel has installed a BP Chargemaster Rapid Charger at their boutique hotel and spa. This 50kW enables multiple electric vehicles the ability to charge on the unit. It will be available on the Polar network (the largest public charging network in the UK) and to access this charging point, simply join the Polar membership scheme.” Alternatively, you can access it on Polar Instant – the scheme’s pay-as-you-go app.

Merchants Manor Hotel & Spa proudly became the first hotel in the UK to join the NOW Force for Good Alliance – the first global community to bring hospitality business and the traveller together in one place to make a difference to the environment, the community and the way we travel. Indeed, making true to their promises to their environmental policies, alongside the new charge point, there’s also the buzz of new developments such as the recent installation of a Cornish black bee hive. The new hive, which nestles at the bottom of the hotel’s sub-tropical garden, is home to more than 25,000 bees, and guests can tuck into their very own homemade golden nectar when they dine at Rastella this summer!


Merchants Manor Hotel & Spa

"make a difference to the environment, the community and the way we travel"