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Naturally kinder events

Wild Tipi is well known for creating beautiful weddings and events across Cornwall and the south west.

Hidden down country lanes, or nestled high on coastal cliffs, Wild Tipi create truly memorable days that are impossible to forget. And with one eye firmly on the environment, the company is also making great strides to reduce its carbon footprint and help others planning a wedding or event to do the same.

the team behind the business are constantly evolving to make their offering kinder to the environment”

All Wild Tipis are made in the UK from sustainably sourced English pine, and the team behind the business are constantly evolving to make their offering kinder to the environment. The latest ‘small change’ is to switch from single use cable ties to reusable Velcro ties. They have also just set up a Wild Tipi eco-weddings forum; allowing couples who are tying the knot to make more environmentally conscious choices when it comes to choosing suppliers and services.

So, how could you be more environmentally friendly when planning your own wedding or event? Here are Wild Tipi’s Top Five Tips!

First of all, choose local – this will drastically reduce the carbon footprint and support your local community too. Next, go digital; forget paper invitations and go for a digital version instead – kinder on the environment and your pocket too. Thirdly, it’s time to streamline your guest list, as the biggest impact on the environment is the carbon footprint created by travel. If you can’t cut back on the miles travelled, you could link to a carbon offset programme in your invitations to help reduce the impact this way.

Reduce, reuse and up-cycle: there are countless ways to reduce the waste produced by a wedding or event. Using bamboo plates and cutlery is a great way to ensure your banquet is wholly recyclable. Up-cycling wooden pallets, choosing second-hand decor items or opting for ethically sourced clothing are just some of the ways you can make your event greener. Wild Tipi can help by supplying compostable bags for food waste and support you with recycling after an event.

Finally, do your research; finding environmentally conscious suppliers doesn’t need to be a struggle nor does it mean compromising on quality or style. The Wild Tipi team is always on hand to suggest some amazing Cornish companies, from eco-florists to fair-trade wedding dress designers; they are happy to help you wherever they can.



Literally a blank canvas; the tipis can be configured to host from 30 to 1000 guests and can be put up virtually anywhere, making your dream day a reality. Get in touch with Sam and the team at Wild Tipi to find out more.



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"the team behind the business are constantly evolving to make their offering kinder to the environment"