Cornwall LivingIssue #120

Navigating tough times

The advent of a new law is set to allow couples to divorce with dignity; family solicitor Kelly Grigg of Grigg’s Law explains the process. 

Separation and divorce can be incredibly difficult and painful for all parties involved, none of which has historically been made any easier by a law that has stood since 1973. Under this law, a marriage could only be dissolved based on one of five facts, all of which either required couples to apportion blame or remain in a ‘state of limbo’ for two to five years. However, with the new Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act that is anticipated to become law as of 6th April 2022, couples will be allowed to take a more dignified approach when it comes to formally ending a marriage.

As Kelly Grigg explains: “The Act will mean that there is now only one ground for a divorce, and that is that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and an application for divorce can now be made by one or both parties jointly. There will be no need to explain why, or having to indicate which of the five factors you are relying upon, meaning some of the acrimony and anxiety has been removed.”

“In family law, we always encourage a non-confrontational approach wherever possible and so we welcome this new Act with open arms. Anything that can reduce conflict and the damaging effect it can have on couples, and their children in particular, is a great benefit,” adds Kelly. Divorce is never an easy topic to address, but with professional advice from a solicitor such as Kelly, navigating tough times can be made as stress-free as possible.