Cornwall LivingIssue #131

New year, new knee?

Focusing on your health in 2023, Duchy Hospital takes a look at osteoarthritis and the options available.

Following the aftermath of Covid-19, health has never been more prevalent and the team at Duchy Hospital believes 2023 will be no different. They understand that time is precious, whether that is creating memories with loved ones, indulging in your hobbies or doing a job you are passionate about. They believe that health shouldn’t get in the way of these moments and getting time back to enjoy life is vital.

Our joints are so important and when we are troubled by osteoarthritis, it can affect our lives on such a huge level. While there is no exact cause known, age seems to be the biggest factor in its development. As your joints are exposed to constant movement and wear and tear, especially in Cornwall with popular hobbies such as coastal walking, cycling and water sports, the body’s ability to repair this on its own can diminish with age.

Duchy Hospital explains that the symptoms of osteoarthritis usually develop slowly over time, but can get worse and more noticeable in certain conditions. The severity can vary, with some experiencing mild pain, however in some cases it can be severe and debilitating. Osteoarthritis can present as pain in the joint when moving, stiffness and difficulty in moving, a grinding or crackling sound when moving the joint and redness or swelling caused by inflammation of the joints.

Duchy Hospital has a wide range of highly skilled, friendly Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeons specialising in areas including hip, knee, spine, foot, ankle, shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist. They offer full diagnostic tests to support your Consultant in making a diagnosis for your osteoarthritis. Depending on your individual circumstances, surgical or non-surgical techniques could be offered to best treat your condition. Whether that is to preserve your original joint or go for a joint replacement surgery, your Surgeon will discuss all of the options available to you in your
initial consultation.

Duchy Hospital also has a specialist physiotherapy service available to support prior to treatment or following surgery to help get you back to full mobility as soon as possible. If you are self-funding and your treatment is within the ‘Total Care Package’, your follow-up care will be included in the price you pay. So, get in touch via the details below and get the care you need.

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