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Introducing IntelliHeat, from  Kernow Electric Heating

Electric heating, according to the Kernow Electric Heating team, is the most energy-efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly heating solution on the market, which is why they’re proud to be working with IntelliHeat Radiators!

This heating system, which can be controlled via a smartphone/tablet app, allows you to heat your home on demand, exactly when you need it. It requires no expensive service or yearly maintenance and is quick and easy to install, providing you with 24-hour, easily controllable and highly responsive heating.

It’s ultra reliable, too, thanks to IntelliHeat’s unique patented manufacturing process, and the savings you can make via this fantastic system need seeing to be believed, savings which add up with the more eco-design features you opt in for!

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Get your self-build project off the ground with SIP Hus

With more than 14 years in the construction industry, SIP Hus is one of the UK’s most experienced SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) construction companies. The team aims to offer a flawless specialist service, believing that the design and build process should be as stress-free for you, the client, as possible.

They are experts at delivering high-quality, cost-effective, eco-friendly houses, with a highly-skilled team of designers, engineers, fabricators and installers all working together to provide an elite service. They continually monitor and improve on all aspects of the build process.

So, if you’re visiting this year’s Cornwall Home Improvement & Self Build Show with a view to undertaking your own eco-friendly home project, be sure to pay the SIP Hus team a visit and talk through your ideas!

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Automate your home with AGW Technologies

Automating your home may seem like a costly endeavour but, according to the team at AGW Technologies, considering that around 80% of today’s home buyers prefer to buy a home equipped with smart technology, there’s good reason to consider taking the plunge.

By investing in smart home technology not only do you get all the convenience it brings, including remote control and automation of lights, blinds, curtains, heating, audio and video; you will also increase your home’s energy efficiency, its saleability and its value.

Best of all, when designed properly, this technology is simple to use. It’s exceptionally reliable and also very cost effective when compared to the value it can add to your home. The best part is you don’t need to invest in everything up front – with the right planning it’s possible to take a modular room-by-room approach, making it even more affordable!

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