Cornwall LivingIssue #109

Nurture by nature

Over the course of the pandemic, not only has Kernow Adventure Parkís Aquapark expanded, so too have its outdoor facilities.

Despite the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, Kernow Adventure Park have nevertheless adapted. Working hard over the winter season, the team have been busy laying turf, concreting, and prepping for the season ahead, creating new outdoor areas for spectators, and picnic spots for participants to enjoy after their session. They have also increased the size of the Aquapark, which is now bigger and better than ever before! Putting risks into consideration, Alex and co have now built a beach-like effect for customers to walk in and out of the water, instead of using a dock. This is for the customers who aren’t as confident to jump in, allowing them to get used to the temperature of the water.

 “Our approach to outdoor adventure has changed,” explains Alex, “we love to see people of all ages and abilities, enjoying all that we have to offer at the adventure park. We have adapted and grown to make a fully accessible and nurturing adventure environment. We want you to feel reconnected with nature and awaken your adventurous side.” The beautiful surroundings of the quarry, the feeling of being cocooned and sheltered by the vast granite walls, the tranquil and calm waters and the plethora of birds to listen to makes it an almost impossible place to leave, for your next adventure in Kernow.

 “Our mission has been to create an enjoyable and safe space. With the help of my incredible team and managers, Izzy and Will, we nurture the timid and encourage the brave. Here at Kernow Adventure Park we have adapted to this different lifestyle, and have created new rules and restrictions for people to still enjoy themselves. We’ve put in place a rule of six on the Aquapark, and made sure everyone is sticking to social distancing measures. With these new rules,” says Alex, “our customers have felt safe, but also enjoy themselves!”

 Activities here can be enjoyed from the age of six. These include paddle boarding, jumping into the water off the Aquapark, riding the wakeboard across the quarry or feeling the adrenaline on the Ringo. And for those wanting something a little more relaxing, the team is excited to be re-introducing Open Water Swimming and coaching sessions this year.

 At Kernow Adventure park, the team works hard to make sure customers understand the rules, so everyone can enjoy the activities. On arrival, you feel welcomed and relaxed, due in part to the beautiful landscape, but also the approachability of the team. And when the day comes to an end, Alex explains: “Customers always leave with a smile on their face.” Along with his team, Alex is looking forward to seeing you at the park, getting you in the water and hearing your laughter bouncing of the walls of this idyllic hideaway, in the heart of Cornwall.


Kernow Adventure Park