Cornwall LivingIssue #121

Observe and reflect

Transforming motionless images into works of art, Dr MartÌn Raskovsky pushes the boundaries of our perception. 

An eclectic artist with an incomparable and complex aesthetic touch, Dr Martín Raskovsky’s visionary journey and passion for photography was born early and followed a stimulating and remarkable evolution that has resulted in thought provoking, intellectual and deeply evocative works of art.

Encountering Martín’s expressive and captivating creations, you’ll find yourself stimulated by a strong sense of movement, innate harmony and an intense mystery that brings you to pause, observe and reflect, taking time to explore the rich, complex, albeit exquisitely graceful, compositions with a sense of enjoyable curiosity. The enthralling flows and meanders of energy in his work are truly penetrating as the elements start to blend with the surreal aura of the backgrounds. Finally, the authentic source of the final artwork comes to light: a perfect photograph. The camera is used as a sacred and basic tool to catch the latent and fierce beauty of a specific instant. Every individual trace of majesty and grace is captured by Dr. Raskovsky, to then be given new life, a conception of dramatic artistry that roots in science, nature and the subconscious mind of the artist. Motionless images are transformed into works of art made of a versatile and energetic elegance that recall graceful watercolours or fluid oils with the communicative power of a great expressionist.

Martín’s creative genius is an outstanding innovation to photographic art; after centuries of technical and technological evolution, the progress of the optical instrument that revolutionised our lives seems to deserve a new dimension. Impressionist painters accelerated the gesture of their brush strokes in order to capture the ephemeral and immediate nuances of light, while Martín carries out the process in reverse. He already owns reality and, with a unique and refined vision, he transforms photography into post-impressionistic masterpieces. Flowing waves and sinuous lines create a sense of movement that vibrates all the nuances of a wild and rampant nature. Martín’s rich imagination is able to relieve the viewer from the dominant and accepted norms of photographic art and, as a consequence, he opens our minds.


 Instagram: martinraskovsky