Cornwall LivingIssue #112

Ocean positivity

Fourth Element strive to find solutions for the future, rather than dwell on mistakes from the past.

It can be hard to find light when we are exposed to daily messages about the impact we are having on our planet, causing such damage to the environment and wildlife. Be it climate change, plastic pollution, over-fishing or deforestation, the list of our wrongdoings seems endless.

The philosophy at Fourth Element leads the team to take a different track. They aren’t here to berate the purchases of single-use plastic items or to bemoan the poor choices humans have made, but rather believe in celebrating the actions being taken that have a positive impact to reverse the damage already done. As a business in Cornwall mainly comprised of divers, freedivers and swimmers, fourth element sees the impact on the ocean first-hand and this creates a stronger motivation to make a difference. The aim, is to work alongside, and support, the incredible people and businesses that are making positive changes to our oceans’ health.

The OceanPositive concept was born when Fourth Element started making swimwear out of recycled nylon, regenerated from ghost fishing nets and other waste. Now, they include many other products made from a range of recycled materials, using earth-friendly production techniques and reducing  the carbon footprint. By the end of 2021, the team will have completely eliminated single-use plastic from all packaging! This year they’ve expanded the OceanPositive movement to be more encompassing of wider issues; ones where they can make change themselves and others where they can lend their support to projects with similar aims.

Fourth Element has also pledged its support for Dive Project Cornwall, a new scheme that aims to involve more school children in diving, exposing them to the incredible underwater world we have right on our doorstep, thus creating a connection between them and the ocean. It is an innovative and effective way of educating the next generation of the importance of a healthy marine environment, as well as encouraging a responsibility to protect it; which of course is critical for the future of our planet. Fourth Element encourages all businesses to do what they can to support this exciting and unique project.

The way that this business is run, the projects it supports along the way, and the long-lasting, high-performance products that the team make are intended to enable you to enjoy the water even more, giving us all something to feel positive about. Now is the time to get out there and immerse yourself in the deepest blue opportunity to make a difference for the better.

Fourth Element

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