Cornwall LivingIssue #118

On the bright side

With help from GreenGenUK, one of the south west’s leading solar providers, a little bit of sunshine can go a long way.

With the recent hike in prices for energy, and news of companies going out of business, one after the other, leaving homeowners facing steep increases in their bills (perhaps as much as 50%), greener, sustainable alternatives like solar PV and battery storage are becoming all the more appealing. 

Not only is installing solar PV a great way to reduce your energy bills, it’s also a fantastic solution for property owners to reduce the carbon footprint of their home or business. Not only that, you can actually get paid for all the surplus energy you generate and export back to the national grid, thanks to the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee!  

However, solar array systems are at their most effective when installed in line with a battery storage system; those able to use the surplus energy their system generates, according to GreenGenUK, tend to see the biggest benefit. This is because a solar array typically generates the most electricity when energy demand is lowest. By installing a battery storage solution in conjunction with a solar array, you can store the excess energy, and use it later during times of higher demand, therefore minimising your reliance on the National Grid and maximising the benefit of your array. In fact, used in line with a battery storage system, your solar installation could see electricity bills slashed by hundreds of pounds every year!

There are a number other ways in which to make the most of your solar installation. These include installing a hot water diverter – allowing excess solar energy to be diverted straight into a hot water tank – as well as electric vehicle (EV) charging, via Smart EV chargers that harness surplus solar power to charge your electric vehicle for free.

All of these are options offered by GreenGenUK, however each home and owner are likely to have differing needs, so it pays to consult the experts to see which solution works best for you. Whatever that might be, if you are among the growing number of individuals hoping to change to a more sustainable way of powering your home, whilst safeguarding yourself against future energy price-hikes, then the experts at GreenGenUK can help so be sure to get in touch and see what they can do for you.