Cornwall LivingIssue #65

On the pulse

The team at Cotton Mills take us through evolving interior design trends as we look towards 2018.

We all know that some design trends come along, peak and then disappear quicker than you can say Artex, but other trends develop and mature. Here is a quick look at some of those morphing trends that will take us into the new year.

Scandi into Nordic

“We are very used to the cool greys, sheepskins and light wood of simple Scandinavian styling,” explains Liselle Milner of Cotton Mills. “The shift into what is being termed Nordic style sees the wood tones darkening to walnut and mango and deerskins introducing more warmth. Natural colours like deep greens are coming through in many of the new collections along with plaids and herringbone wools. Think chunky textures, natural materials and traditionally handcrafted accessories.”

Copper into brass

These warm metallic tones have probably become popular because of the many years we have spent at the mercy of the dominant chrome phase. “Copper accessories have been very ‘in’ over the last few years but we are increasingly seeing the return of brass as the metal of choice. Brass is set off so beautifully against some of the dark, rich colours that are so on trend at the moment, it is easy to see
the appeal.”

Wooden poles into painted poles

There has been a great appetite for painted poles, which has which has seen many of the designer pole companies offering custom ‘any colour’ options. “What is new about the trend,” says Liselle, “is that we are now seeing ranges of painted poles in some lovely soft greys and Farrow & Ball inspired neutrals without the designer price tags, making this look much more accessible on a budget.”

Metallics into rustic metallics

Rustic metallic is a term for a design that is created to look like aged metal, be it corroded mirror, oxidised copper or rusted chrome. “Although the metallic looking fabric and wallpaper trends have not been as influential in Cornwall as they have in other parts of the country, the development into rustic metallics makes this trend a lot more usable in Cornwall’s country and coastal environment.”

If you would like any help and advice on how to incorporate any of the coming seasons trends into your own project, the Cotton Mills team will be happy to hear from you.