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Top tips to maximise your stay at North Coast Holiday Cottages.

For many, an escape to Cornwall is more than just a holiday. Itís a chance to retreat from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, and to peel kids away from the screens of their TVs and tablets. For this, North Coast Holiday Cottages is just the ticket, with 14 self-catering cottages that are designed with the perfect ëaway from it allí experience in mind. If youíre yet to shore up your family holiday plans, resort owner, Natalie, offers her top three tips to make the most of your stay by the rugged north coast.


1 Pop to the local

If you want to take the family for lunch or dinner, the nearby Portreath Arms is perfect. “Thanks to its location,” Natalie explains, “it’s within easy distance. We love the Portreath Arms – it’s changed a great deal in recent years and it’s still transforming now!”


Head to the beach

Natalie also explains that the beach at Portreath is, quite simply, a ‘must visit’ for everyone, whether you’re swimming or building sandcastles. “The view from the top of Tregay Hill is breathtaking,” she explains, “especially on a clear day, and you’ll find a shop here with everything you need for your day’s supplies, plus several good pubs and two restaurants by the beach, all offering great food at reasonable prices.”


3 Stretch your legs

If your little ones love exploring, then why not stretch your legs? Natalie and her family love the walk from Tehidy Woods to Deadman’s Cove. “Begin through the Tehidy Country Park wildlife area ñ home to famously friendly squirrels – before crossing the Reskajeage Downs to reach the north cliffs near Deadman’s Cove. From here, follow the coast path along the top of the steep cliffs to Basset’s Cove, before re-entering Tehidy Country Park, passing through the bluebell woods on the North Cliffs Plantation and completing the route.”


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