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Make the most of your time in the garden with Holdcroft Lighting’s selection of outdoor lighting.

Finally summer is here and it’s possible to spend more time outside even after the sun descends. And when you’re enjoying dinner outdoors as a family, hosting a barbeque or even throwing a garden party, it’s well worth having outdoor lighting so you can continue to make the most of the fresh air while the stars emerge.

Festoon lighting is perfect for garden parties or just to create a colourful ambiance”

Holdcroft Lighting has a brilliant selection, allowing you to bring the festival home with festoon lighting so you can create a great atmosphere in the garden. Festoon lighting is perfect for garden parties or just to create a colourful ambiance. Not to mention the fact that Holdcroft can create bespoke festoon lighting, so you can choose your favourite flex, fittings and bulbs.

Lighting Artist Lauren gives us her advice on outdoor lighting this summer: “Being on the coast you need to consider what lighting is suitable in the salty air. We sell various styles that are best for coastal living. Take our resin range of stylish wall lights for example, perfect for use with homes by the sea.”

From wall lights to decking lighting there’s something that will suit all requirements. It’s possible to make your outside living space glow with a warm ambiance throughout the evening, and when we have the chance to spend more time in our gardens, its not an opportunity to pass up!

It’s not just the convenience of outdoor lighting for socialising that’s important, though: outdoor lighting is also important for safety reasons, lighting your path to the door, for example, or having security floodlights installed is equally as important as creating a light and welcoming outdoor environment. If you have stairs on your decking, the Holdcroft team highly recommend installing decking lights to avoid tripping when it’s dark.

The expert team is always on hand to help advise on any lighting options and if you want to have a look at the lighting in person, simply head to the Holdcroft lighting store where you can peruse the designs and talk to one of the experienced team members about what will work best for you and your home.


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"Festoon lighting is perfect for garden parties or just to create a colourful ambiance"