Cornwall LivingIssue #99

Pearl perfection

We discover grown-up gems and precious timepieces from Porthleven Jewellery.

You’ll find this distinct jewellery shop at the heart of the bustling harbour town of Porthleven, on Cornwall’s south coast. With its waterfront position, a visit to the shop is such a pleasure. Recently refurbished, the shelves gleam with new jewels, gems and watches and you’ll be warmly welcomed by owners Clair and Paul. On a recent visit we were stunned by their gorgeous selection of pearl jewellery. Known as the ‘queen of gems’, pearls have been coveted for centuries and unlike gemstones are formed from a natural, living organism. It’s strange to think that something so beautiful could be grown from an irritant that becomes accidentally lodged in an oyster’s soft inner body.

Today, natural pearls are a rarity but cultivated pearls are every bit as beautiful and as a piece of jewellery, is something that can be handed down for generations to come. Clair and Paul showcase a selection of both traditional and contemporary pearl jewellery, so there is something for everyone’s taste.

However, if pearls are not to yours, then there are so many other stunning pieces to choose from. Whether it’s silver or gold, diamond or gemstone, wedding, engagement or anniversary, every carefully selected piece of jewellery, personally curated by Clair and Paul, will take your breath away. Paul also takes bespoke jewellery commissions, with a wide variety of stones to choose from.

And gentlemen, do not despair; Porthleven Jewellery has just introduced a new make of watch to their horological collection. Iron Annie, named after the most famous aeroplane of the great German inventor Hugo Junkers, carry the same robustness, reliability, technical innovation, and striking, high-quality design as their legendary role model. They carry a sophisticated, distinctive design and are made with precision automatic and quartz movements. Along with another stocked make, Zeppelin, these timepieces are made by highly skilled German watchmakers in a small factory near Munich. All are beautiful, and available at prices that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by. 

Take our advice, don’t make Porthleven Jewellery a happenstance visit. This is a destination jewellery boutique that deserves to have its own date in your diary.



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