Cornwall LivingIssue #120

Powered by the sun

As fuel prices continue to increase, GreenGenUK look to the sun for a source of energy we can all depend upon. 

While energy prices continue to rise, we’re all beginning to feel the pinch of our ever-increasing monthly bills, an uncomfortable new reality that many of us are finding difficult to adjust to. However, GreenGenUK are leading the way forward into a greener, more sustainable way of living, with sustainable alternatives like solar PV and battery storage. 

The team have been taking on countless enquiries and solar installations because of this hike in energy prices, with electricity soon to cost 28p/kWh after April and even higher after October. As a result, the benefit of a solar installation has more than doubled, meaning you’ll see a typical return on investment of five-to-eight years.

Going solar allows homeowners to reduce their demand from the grid, reduce their electricity bills and, at the same time, reduce their carbon footprint – everybody wins! Not only that, you can actually get paid for all the surplus energy you generate and export back to the national grid, thanks to the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee. Your solar energy can also be charged into a battery to supply your home overnight and generate hot water,
reducing the costs of your heating.

All of these are options offered by GreenGenUK, however each home and owner are likely to have differing needs, so it pays to consult the experts to see which solution works best for you. Whatever that might be, if you are among the growing number of individuals looking to make a change for the better and safeguard yourself against future energy price-hikes, then the experts at GreenGenUK are there to offer you a bespoke proposal to suit your home, which they can even do remotely!