Cornwall LivingIssue #121

Prepare for summer

With the English summer just around the corner our thoughts turn to how to make the most of this unpredictable season.

Living in Cornwall we know that when the sun shines there’s no place like it. Beautiful sea washed coves and golden sand beaches, where the surf rolls in and beach barbeques linger into lazy nights. It’s what attracts many to our county, but every sunny day has a cloudy lining. When the temperature drops it’s just a bit too chilly to remain outdoors, unless you’re engaged in a brisk coastal path walk. We know all this and accept it as part of living in the UK. But cunning nation that we are, there are ways that we’ve developed that allow us to enjoy the great outdoors whilst remaining comfortable at the same time. A way that is less burdensome than applying layer after layer of bulky clothing, what’s more it can also add value to your property at the same time!

If your curiosity has been piqued, then look no further than Philip Whear Windows & Conservatories. They’ve been successfully designing and manufacturing quality timber and uPVC conservatories, doors, windows and glass balustrades in Cornwall since 1985. And when we say quality, we say so with a measure of authority. Just look at some of the beautiful examples that are pictured. Imagine yourself sitting comfortably, whilst the sun retreats, but still being able to enjoy the vista. Then when the summer rain begins, as it often will, just stay exactly where you are. No scurrying around in a panic to collect books and discarded clothing in preparation for a mad dash to shelter, because you’re already there. The pitter patter of rain drops on the roof can clearly be heard but you’re dry and warm, enjoying the carefully curated objects of familiarity with which you’ve chosen to decorate this safe space, all of which add to your feeling of contentment. It’s like your living room, but instead of the TV you have the natural world to wonder at and appreciate its natural rhythms, boosting your energy and resilience.

So how do you turn this dream into a reality? There aren’t many providers of conservatories on the scene, some have come and gone, but few have the track record of Philip Whear. One recently satisfied recipient says: “Having had previous work done by PWW&C we were not disappointed by the work carried out this time either. The quality of the product is excellent and unlike the experience we have had previously from another nationwide company, the fitters are qualified installers and therefore do an excellent job.” From another: “My wife and I want to put on record the esteem with which we hold Ben and Martyn. They were not only highly skilled, but also two of the nicest workmen to have around. They worked tidily, efficiently and took obvious pride in their work. They are a credit to the company.” 

It would seem then that, for many, Philip Whear is certainly the provider of choice. So what are the choices? A bespoke design in either hardwood or painted uPVC. Philip Whear manufactures top quality conservatories at their factory and joinery in Cornwall. 

All units are manufactured to conform with British Standards and, where toughened glass is required, also carry the BS ‘kitemark’. 

Appearance is often cited as a defining factor – wooden frames have a natural, traditional charm that can’t be found with any other framing material. uPVC by contrast is lower maintenance, and can simply be wiped clean rather than requiring future treatments to maintain its appearance. Perhaps higher on the list of considerations these days is one of impact on the environment. With sustainability at the core of their values, the timber used is FSC certified sustainable African hardwood and their uPVC contains 80% recycled content. All uPVC, glass, timber and reinforcing are recycled.

Whichever your preference, a Philip Whear conservatory will last for a long time and whether that’s timber or uPVC, it will withstand most of what the Cornish weather can throw at it. 

What we can say for certain is if you are considering a conservatory or glazed extension for your home, it would pay to speak to the experts at Philip Whear to help you make an informed choice and make your aspirations a reality.

Philip Whear Windows & Conservatories