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Put pups first

With losses of £700,000 due to Coronavirus, The Cornish Seal Sanctuary now, more than ever, needs your help.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary has been an animal rescue facility for more than 60 years, helping seal pups in need from around the coastline. As the only seal sanctuary in Cornwall, pups rely on the team there to help support them through difficult winters.

Seal pups can find themselves in difficulty due to issues such as malnourishment due to separation from mum, wounds caused by marine litter or storms and disturbance from human activity, leaving them unable to fend for themselves in the wild. This is where the Cornish Seal Sanctuary comes in. The team rescue seal pups who need support during these difficult times. With decades of experience, they are able to give them the care they need, administering lifesaving medication or facilitating vital surgery and helping them to learn how to fend for themselves before they can be released back to the wild.

As well as its work rescuing vulnerable seal pups, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary provides a permanent home to those who cannot be released back to the wild due to medical issues. Most pups are successfully released, but on occasions, a few require ongoing care and medication for the rest of their lives and their site in Gweek is specially designed to ensure those animals can live a happy, comfortable life.

The ‘Put Pups First’ campaign is all about supporting seal pups, providing advice and vital information to the public and helping the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to continue its work, however after a very difficult year, they need your help.

Due to Coronavirus, the team have been struggling with the ever-growing costs and with the pup season now in full swing, they are asking for your help to get them back on track to be able to continue their work. In the three-month long lockdown from March to June and now operating with limited capacity due to social distancing, they have seen losses of £700,000 – much-needed funding to get them through another busy pup season.

A donation of any size would go such a long way, and help to protect the animals at The Cornish Seal Sanctuary that has been a huge part of Cornwall’s heritage and an important animal rescue facility for over 60 years.

To support The Cornish Seal Sanctuaryís ëPut Pups Firstí campaign, please go to: 

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary
Gweek TR12 6UG
01326 221361