Cornwall LivingIssue #120

Raising the bar

A boutique gin emporium bringing quality and taste to your glass, from Cornwall and beyond.

The Little Gin Shack in Wadebridge is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of gin! The realisation of owner Neil Roberts’ dream of running his own gin shop and bar has survived three lockdowns and continues to evolve, going from strength to strength. A move to a high street position and a major refit has allowed for more seating, with space to browse and sample the vast array of gins on offer.

Committed to supporting small, local distilleries you’ll find gins from virtually every distiller in Cornwall, complemented by some of Neil’s favourite gins from around the world. 

As something of a connoisseur, having worked for a major licensing wholesaler for over a decade, Neil and his team are always on hand to help customers navigate the vast array of gins on offer, sharing their passion for the spirit.

With a service that sets it apart from others, you’ll never buy ‘blind’ from the Little Gin Shack, as there are tiny tastings on offer to ensure that you leave with a gin for the perfect serve. Taste is such a personal choice and with such a wide variety of gins on offer, all unique in their use of botanicals, it’s important that your tipple is something that will really excite your tastebuds.

The gins are selected based on two simple philosophies: either Neil, or store managers Victoria and Tony, have to love the gin, and the bottle has to appeal to the purchaser. The two go hand in hand as there’s nothing worse than finding you have selected a poor gin in a fancy bottle! The Little Gin Shack’s approach to selling gin is unique in that it doesn’t have a ‘gin menu’ as such; the team prefer to establish the type of gin you like, be that traditional, dry, fruity or spicy. “We will then offer you a taster (with an appropriate mixer, of course) and once you’re happy, serve your choice perfectly, in a proper glass, and with the correct garnish,” explains Neil. “We apply the same philosophy to the Cornish rum, vodka, brandy, liqueurs, beers and ciders that we stock too,”
he continues.

This attention to detail has not gone unnoticed as the Little Gin Shack was recently included in the top 10 Independent Shops review conducted by Reach, as well as receiving an award conducted by mystery shoppers and based on TripAdvisor reviews. 

A full bar service is now available in the new town centre location, which has an outside space in which to enjoy a lunchtime tipple or delicious sundowner. This is also the perfect spot to enjoy an aperitif before dining at one of Wadebridge’s superb restaurants. And, if you have something special to celebrate, why not book in to one of the Little Gin Shack’s bespoke tasting evenings for a special night of gins, matched with food, in the company of friends and guided by Neil’s incredible knowledge.

If you aren’t able to visit in person, don’t despair as you can order both gins and other spirits online for delivery to your door. Each bottle is accompanied by tasting notes and advice on the perfect serve, so all you have to do is find your favourite glass, mix and enjoy!


The Little Gin Shack